The summer is gone, but the memories remains, I had some adventure and a lot of fun ... Would you imagine how it would be to be with me in a vacation on Venice?  All the love the fun and the sun ...
A short video to show you the way I've spend my summer I hope you will enjoy my NON-NUDE video. 

Btw would you help me with some cream please? I don't want to get sunburns....
This is uncensored version of the free video posted on my profile, 

HD quality, Erotic and sexy in the same time for FEET and STOCKINGS lovers.
Chase your dreams in HIGH HEELS,

Those are SOME of my high heels, I have more than two dozen and I love to WEAR them for you with a proper outfit.
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always.
Holidays in red sexy boots.
Just ME the SUPER POWER ... simple little girl 

I can be your HERO - and save your ass, ( if you want )

Be Aware it came with ADDICTION it will be  MANIA ...LYZ MANIA 

Hugs and kisses :) 
ME - Lyz
The summer is gone but the memories remains.
I had some funny days, do you imagine how it would be, you and me on a Island? Just you and me ... all alone .. Sun Beach Ocean and much more ...